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Several pre-defined statistical procedures are accessible from SPMA. The selection can be made through the use of menus. A choice has to be made for each parameter for the mortality statistics (overall and specific cause) as well as for the perinatal statistics (national and international criteria). These parameters are: year, type of analysis and cause of death (if indicated).
The complete list of selection possibilities for each parameter will show when pushing on the arrow displayed in the parameter's window. Select from this list the desired item. Upon indicating your choice, a submenu might appear to narrow down your search. Please follow the same selection procedure as above until no new menu appears.
SPMA provides a variety of standardized results by calendar year. The statistical indicators available for the overall mortality are:
      • midyear population
  • number of deaths
  • mortality rate (crude, age and/or sex standardized)
  • life expectancy
Standardized rates can be calculated with regard to different reference populations. You can find a list of these reference populations in the submenu "Adjusted rates". Analyses either relate to the overall mortality or specific combinations of death causes based on the International Classification of Diseases (ICD). You can find the ICD9 classification on our Links page. Different geographic levels (district, province, region) can be selected too.
For analyses referring to specific causes of death, additional indicators can be calculated such as:
    • proportional mortality rate (PMR)
    • potential years of life lost (PYLL)
    • effect on longevity.
    The results for total, male and female population are included in each of the outputs.
    The procedures of the perinatal statistics (national and international criteria) are:
    • midyear population by age(group)
    • births: number, proportion or rate by birth status (live births vs all births), multiple birth, birthweight, pregnancy duration, delivery mode and morbidity
    • deaths: number, proportion or rate by period of death, birthweight, pregnancy duration, delivery mode and morbidity.
    Warning: we are using the Belgian numbering system with
    • comma (,) as decimal separator